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Consulting Services

Because we believe in Blue Ocean strategy we believe that everyone and every company should succeed! With the need for an increase in Domestic Manufacturing, we believe that companies can work together as allies and contribute to a vibrant, profitable industry as a whole. As apparel manufacturing engineers Romo offers consultation services to start up or established apparel manufactures and apparel contracting companies.

Consultation services offered are specific to apparel manufacturing industry; however because of the success of our systems, they can translate seamlessly into any industry of manufacturing. We will direct on installing integrated systems and protocol at all process steps in order to eliminate waste (time/product) and increase efficiencies (time/product/ quality).

The systems are not software based nor require any third party program(s) other than your basic office PC software. Our systems are in fact, processes, and methodologies – integrating lean techniques across the board. Creating systems so that your organization operates as a well oiled machine, with all parts being integral to the whole where accountability and teamwork benefits everyone. Additionally we can provide templates for processes that your team can follow in order to continue the efficiencies.

Systems can be installed at all steps of production manufacturing processes including but not limited to:

Basic administrative protocol

Contract compliance (DOD or commercial)

Shipping and warehouse

P.O/Client management

Supply chain management (domestic or foreign)

Production line efficiency

Production planning  

Product development

Inventory management (in process or stock)

Documentation management

Team Organization

Quality control /COA (internal or ANSI.AQL)

Overall Systems Management etc..

An entire operational System can be installed or selected for specific processes. Our systems can be compatible and serve to meet requirements for ISO9001: 2008 Quality Management Systems. We will analyze your current operation and identify ways for improvement and streamlining.

Each member of our team is among the best in his/her field, and dedicated to helping our clients achieve their goals in ways that will prove to be the most efficient and cost-effective in the long run. 

Our goal is to build long-term relationships, and assist our clients and colleagues with improving communication, installing daily operation systems, closing information gaps which result in wasted time, energy, expenses and thus providing a lean integrated operational system.

If interested in speaking with us about your company and how we can assist you with improving your overall efficiencies in product/ time and quality; please give us a call or email today.

Romo Productions, Inc.
16787 Beach Blvd. Suite 247
Huntington Beach, CA 92647 (Click for Maps)

(714) 437-9310 (T)
(714) 437-9319 (F)


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